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Doodle Jamz Assortment..@License 2 Play



Squish, shape, and create endless art with DoodleJamz!Draw or mold the jelly be. . . Show More
Squish, shape, and create endless art with DoodleJamz!

Draw or mold the jelly bead mixture to design colorful characters or patterns, or even insert pictures in the slot behind the jelly to decorate!

  • Inspire little artists to draw something great with the help of this fantastic Doodle Jamz Jelly Pics Squishy Drawing Pad.
  • Move the sensory beads around the pad using the stylus included. Create images on top of the backing cards which can be switched in and out to accessorise the image below. Whether giving a new hairdo, adding different images around or adding text, this mess free creative activity is sure to provide hours of entertainment.
  • Simply move the beads to squish and shape them to start again.

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