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Like most iguanas, this one enjoys leafy, green vegetables…so if you aren’t gon. . . Show More

Like most iguanas, this one enjoys leafy, green vegetables…so if you aren’t gonna eat that spinach, pass it over! If your little ones “wanna iguana,” this authentic iguana figurine is hard not to love.

schleich® wild animal figurines for toddlers and kids introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From realistic ocean and jungle animal figurines to our popular playsets, schleich® WILD LIFE lets your stories run wild. Authentic wild creature figurines toys prowl, swim, and soar with rich, accurate detail and texture, while our full-featured wild life playsets bring learning to life. Our wild animal toys love cross into new play worlds to create stories with schleich® enchanted creature toys, farm animal figurines and dinosaur toys! schleich® wild animal toys and playsets are built to last for generations. All our toys meet the highest national and international safety standards.

  • Durable Quality. A schleich® iguana toy is built for durability – while wild iguanas can shed their tails to escape predators, this one’s tail stays firmly attached in the grip of a rambunctious 3-year-old.
  • Sparks of Storytelling. Iguanas love basking in the heat…so don’t be shocked to find it near the Volcano Expedition Base Camp or relaxing poolside with the Lava Smasher from the world of ELDRADOR® CREATURES.
  • Brand: Schleich
  • Dimension: 4.13 x 1.57 x 1.1 inch
  • Item: 14854
  • age: 3+

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