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Mini Fridge Lip Gloss Set



Miniature makeup perfection!This adorable mini fridge-shaped container stores . . . Show More

Miniature makeup perfection!
This adorable mini fridge-shaped container stores lip glosses to keep organization easy and stylish! Embellish the fridge with stickers to give it that extra creative touch. Each fruit-scented lip gloss is juice box-shaped to complement the mini fridge. With each of the three colors, tweens can complete their look with a fun touch, and have a blast applying it. Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, or “just because,” this super on-trend mini fridge lip gloss set is the perfect playtime gift for trendy tweens. All components are safety tested and non-toxic.

1 cosmetic fridge
3 juice box-shaped, scented lip glosses
1 sheet of 12 stickers to decorate the fridge

Age 4+

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