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Star Coaster Level 2…@Hq_Kites



Ball track Star Coaster Level 2 Anyone who thinks that ball tracks only someth. . . Show More
Ball track Star Coaster Level 2
Anyone who thinks that ball tracks only something for children, the is taught better. Because Star Coaster is an ingenious, spectacular ball roller coaster with the witty sailings over breath-taking steeps, through loops and rapid curves. A stark challenge for young people and adults tuftelfans whose hearts beat faster here guarantees Available in different levels with different sizes and levels of difficulty. The ingenious system comprises of 1 base plate, on the metal elements, flexible plastic pipes, soft, rockers and rotary poor a demanding ball track is constructed, on which the accompanying metal balls in a breathtaking speed down rush. Claim, size and complexity of the ball tracks rise with each level. The absolute highlight: After a rapid departure lands the ball in the battery-operated lift, the balls up again in their starting positions brings - and it can start the next departure. Already, the design is great fun at the same time: he can challenge and - depending on the level of several hours up to several days.

Highlights & Details
  • 10 Meter rail length
  • Rail length 10 m
  • Parts: 193
  • Includes 2 steel balls
  • Construction time of approximately 3 hours.

High-speed ball rollercoaster with electric elevator.

Electric elevator return marble to start point.

Uses 1 x C/LR 14 battery.

Age 14+

Beginner level kit.  193 pieces.

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