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Tiny Gardening



Growing and nurturing seedlings in the tiny greenhouse inspires creativity, re. . . Show More
Growing and nurturing seedlings in the tiny greenhouse inspires creativity, responsibility, and a lifelong wonder of nature. As children test and experiment, they’re practicing essential skills in reading, measuring, following instructions, and trial-and-error learning. As an innovative STEM activity kit, Tiny Gardening! gets two green thumbs up!
  • World’s smallest gardening kit, big science concepts: Kids can enjoy gardening at their fingertips with a miniature desktop greenhouse and tiny gardening tools while exploring science principles like capillary action, photosynthesis, transpiration, and phototropism
  • 34-piece set includes: Tiny greenhouse, 3 tiny pots, 3 tiny test tubes, tiny hand shovel, tiny hand fork, tiny beaker, 3 tiny garden markers, greenhouse wall panels, greenhouse roof panels, string, tiny ruler, petri dish, green and blue acetate sheets, decorative clings, marker stickers, and a 48-page tiny gardening activity book
  • 48-page illustrated science activity book explores the science behind the fun: Young botanists learn and grow alongside their plants, answering questions like: Why do seeds grow up instead of down? Does pH value of water affect plant growth? Do plants respond to color? And much more!
  • 20 enormously fun growing activities: Learn about the plant life cycle, extract DNA from fruit, and discover the effects of acid rain, gravity, and colored light waves on plant growth; watch plants soak up CO2 and release oxygen, bend toward the sun, and pull water from their roots to their tips
  • Just add soil, water, and your choice of seeds: No need to worry about seed shelf life; grow and experiment with whatever seeds you choose, including beans and lentils from your kitchen cabinet or seed packets you can easily find at the grocery store or online
  • Perfect for budding botanists ages 8+

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