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From the makers of Tiny Baking!, we now have Tiny Ice Cream! The world's smalle. . . Show More

From the makers of Tiny Baking!, we now have Tiny Ice Cream! The world's smallest ice cream kit! Crank out custom ice cream flavors and bake up wee waffle cones all while discovering the stone-cold science behind these frozen desserts. Chill out with recipes, techniques, science facts, and cool ideas in the included fold-out guide. Kit measures 5.5"w x 8.5" x 3"d in packaging and contains: tiny ice cream canister; dasher; lid with crank; tiny silicone waffle cone molds; tiny waffle cone & bowl shaper; tiny ice cream scoop; tiny spatula; tiny ice cream bowls; cone holder; tiny mixing bowl; tiny mixing spoon; wee-spoons; papercraft ice cream truck & menu board; AND fold-out recipe sheet!
This kit contains all the equipment you need to make 1/4 cup of real ice cream! Use the included recipes, tools, and molds to make itty-bitty waffle cones, ice cream sandwich cookies, ice cream taco shells, teeny popsicles, and even incredible edible ice cream bowls while learning the history and science of ice cream.
15 enormously delicious recipes, and endless inspiration! The foldout recipe sheet shows you how to make classic vanilla ice cream as well as berry, chocolate, orange, candy bar, and cherry chocolate chip flavors; also learn to use the mold and tools to make waffle cones, tacos, bowls, and cookie sandwiches

5.5"w x 8.5" x 3"d Packaging

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