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200pc USA Puzzle A Puzzle for Learning and Play! A wonderful 200-piece USA puzz. . . Show More

200pc USA Puzzle

A Puzzle for Learning and Play! A wonderful 200-piece USA puzzle that comes in a delightful USA shaped storage box. The puzzle is filled with more than 150 different fun and interesting images so a child can also learn about the USA past and present while assembling the puzzle. As a bonus, each puzzle comes with a Fun Fact Booklet that provides fun and interesting information about each of the images.
Discover America! Not only is it a fun puzzle, but it’s also a great way to learn about the geography of the USA as well as interesting and facts for each of the fifty states! The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long! Montana has three times as many cows as people! The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in 1886.
A Beautifully Designed Puzzle and Shaped Box! Each of our Crocodile Creek puzzles are thoughtfully designed and beautifully illustrated by artists from around world. Our Crocodile Creek puzzles are considered by many parents and teachers to be the best puzzles in the market for young children.
Puzzles - A Classic Timeless Toy and a Perfect Present! Puzzles are a beloved classic toy appreciated by parents and teachers around the world. They make perfect gifts for young children. Our Crocodile Creek puzzles bring a modern interpretation to these classics toys as they delight, inspire and educate today’s kids.

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